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Welcome to our second 2016 Newsletter.  This month we are going over the new hardware that will be available on ShoreTel Connect, as well as introduce the Edge Gateway and the benefits of virtualization.

ShoreTel Architecture:


With the introduction of ShoreTel's newest Connect Platform, ShoreTel is now offering a newline of switches.  The new ShoreTel Voice Switches (or ST line of Switches) bring a new level of power and capability to the OnSite switch portfolio.  With updated and more powerful processors and digital signal processing, the new switches are able to provide greater built-in capacity for such capabilities as IP-extensions, analog stations, conference call legs, hunt groups, and bridged call appearances without having to make the trade-offs that were required of the previous SG Switches.  (SG Switches are compatible with the Connect Software)


What Makes the ST Switches Unique?

  • ShoreTel Connect ST Switches operate using Linux
  • Increased real-time performance that yields a 50% increase in the number of hunt groups and bridged call appearance that may be configured
  • No IP Trade-Offs
  • More Analog Ports
  • System Supervisor: This is a new chip that monitors voltage, temperature, fan speed, timer reset switch, etc.  System Supervisor promptly communicates to the connect director.
  • Dual partitions for a simple two step upgrade
  • Works independent of the server
  • Provides dial-tone with unmatched reliability and availability
  • Multi-functional both in endpoints and trunking options
  • Built in conference ports with up to 8 participants (increased from 6 in the previous generation of switches)
  • Compatible with existing deployment infrastructure

This new generation of voice switches provides a significant increase of feature capacities as well as enhanced feature support.  The ST switches can be mixed and matched and may be utilized in unison with the previous generation ShoreGear Voice switches.

Virtual Switch

Along with the ShoreTel ST Switches, ShoreTel also offers virtual components as well.  For those running VM or Hyper-V you can utilize ShoreTel's Virtual Phone Switch.  A virtual switch can be used as both a Disaster Recovery Resources or in lieu of an appliance.  In a Disaster Recovery scenario, you can utilize a Virtual Switch at no charge for up to 45 days.  If you are using the Virtual Switch as your primary switch, only phones are licensed.  There is no charge for N+1/spare, or virtual switch instance.  Switch capacity is determined by VM hardware resources and can range from 250, 500, or 1000 IP Phones, supporting all features at the same time, no resource trade-off.

Virtual Edge Gateway


In Connect, voice, web, and signaling traffic is encrypted, making it one of the most secure solutions in the industry.  The new layer is built into the ShoreTel datacenter for cloud customers, and is packaged in the new Edge Gateway for OnSite customers.

This allows users to use ShoreTel desktop applications and remote phones without having to launch a VPN Client.

400 Series phones use ShoreTel's Remote Access Secure Tunnel (RAST) technology to encrypt the signaling and voice traffic.  The Edge Gateway solution delivers better voice quality for remote phone calls even when experiencing less than ideal internet conditions.  This appliance also provides end to end encryption for all traffic and does not require a VPN client on any endpoint.  There is no charge for the Edge Gateway License.  Note: The Edge Gateway is offered solely as a virtual appliance.

Virtual Edge Gateway Highlights

  • Like other ShoreTel Products the Edge Gateway is centrally managed by ShoreTel Connect Director
  • Edge Gateway provides edge services for seamless access from any network
  • Remote Access for 400 series phones
  • Remote Access for Softphone
  • Reverse Proxy for secure Connect Client access (HTTPS)

Connect Client

  • Single user experience across all deployment modes
  • The Connect Client offers instant messaging, Outlook integration, call management, and softphone media among other UC Features

No VPN Client Required for Remote Phones

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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest enhancements available from both BTS and ShoreTel.  We hope you find this information useful and will help you become more productive and get the most value from your system with BTS!  For more information on any of these items, please contact your Sales Representative.  You may reach us at (951) 272-3100 or email us at