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Welcome to our first 2016 Newsletter.  We hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year; and look forward to a prosperous 2016.


This is a big year for us here at BTS: January marked our 35th year in Business.

Business Telecommunications Systems started business in 1981 to provide business class telephone systems, paging systems, and voice and data cabling.  As the industry changed, so did BTS, and now 35 years later we are now one of the largest communications companies in Southern California offering a complete range of Communication Solutions.

We provide VOIP Phone Systems, Conferencing Systems, Managed IT Services, Network Design, Voice, Fiver, and Data Cabling, 70v Paging Systems, Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV), Computer Service and Management, Wireless Data Systems, and Internet and Phone Bill Analysis.  We are a solutions-oriented company with an award winning service and support team and is dedicated to continuing our 35-year tradition of quality products and a commitment to excellence.

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Introducing ShoreTel Connect
This year's newsletters should be very exciting, as we will be introducing you to ShoreTel's newest Platform.  Each month we will release a new feature available in the Connect Software, which will go into general availability this year.

Over the last few years ShoreTel has been working towards launching their new Connect Platform.  The new Connect Software bridges the gap between Premise and Cloud -Based Phone Systems; creating the first Hybrid Solution.  ShoreTel Connect is the one business communications platform that has it all.

The First Edition of our Connect Newsletters will focus on the new 400 Series SIP Phones.  Although you will not need to upgrade your current MGCP ShoreTel Phones to utilize the Connect Software; there will be a few new features that will require the 400 series SIP Phones, which we will get to in another Edition of our Connect Newsletters.


ShoreTel 400 Series Key Features


ShoreTel 400 Series Line Up




The ShoreTel IP 420 -- is a simple yet robust two line appearance handset that includes a headset jack and is ideal in envirnments such as: Lobbies, breakrooms, warehouses, and agents for call center environ








The ShoreTel IP 480/480G -- is the ideal handset for a busy professional, featuring 8 line appearance, visual voice mail features, outstanding sound quality, and an assign key to facilitate * Hot-Desking.  *Hot-Desking is perfect for companies that utilize one phone for multiple users or a user utilizing multiple desks with one extension number.

*Hot-Desking is the ability to assign a phone to your extension number on the fly.








The ShoreTel IP 485G -- is identical to the 480/480G with the exception that is has a color display.  The color background can be changed to a variety of pre-loaded images or a custom photo or logo.  This handset is ideal of an executive user.






The ShoreTel Button Box -- completes our 400 series line up.  It is an accessory to the IP 485G handset, which expands the number of line appearances and feature buttons that a user can work with.  The BB424 has some important enhancements and new attributes:




  • Color LCD display for easily changed, highly visible button labels and indications
  • Tri-color LED's for highly visible and easily managed line button indications

For those interested in Upgrading their phones here is a Promotion BTS is offering


Receive up to 25% Trade-In Credit towards any new 400 Series phones with any Current BTS ShoreTel Support Agreement when you trade in your working MGCP ShoreTel IP Phones.


Sign up for a 5 Year ShoreTel Support Agreement with BTS and receive up to 30% Trade-In Credit towards any new 400 Series Phones when you trade in your working MGCP ShoreTel IP Phones.

For Questions on this promotion, please contact Kim Irey (951) 493-3019 or

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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of the latest enhancements available from both BTS and ShoreTel.  We hope you find this information useful and will help you become more productive and get the most value from your system with BTS!  Form more information on any of these items please reply to this email or call us at (951) 272-3100.