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ShoreTel Innovation Network

The ecosystem of Innovation Network members is continuously growing. Although the solutions featured here are interoperable with ShoreTel's published interfaces, actual deployments will vary. Customers and Reseller Partners alike should review the published application notes and use them as a guide toward implementing a given solution in their network.

Note: Questions pertaining to the implementation and support of Member Validated Solutions should go directly to the member company.

ShoreTel and it’s members test and validate the interoperability of the Member's solution with ShoreTel's published software interfaces. ShoreTel does not test, nor vouch for the Member's development and/or quality assurance process, nor the overall feature functionality of the Member's solution(s). ShoreTel does not test the Member's solution under load or assess the scalability of the Member's solution. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure their solution is current with ShoreTel's published interfaces.

The ShoreTel Technical Support organization will provide Customers with support of ShoreTel's published software interfaces. This does not imply any support for the Member's solution directly. Customers or reseller partners will need to work directly with the Member to obtain support for their solution.

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