ShoreTel System Remote Packet Capture

Remote Packet Capture.

  • Listing of Devices for Selection- Switches and Phones
  • Files in PCAP Format for…
ShoreTel System Status View

See Status of Your Entire System.

  • System
  • Sites
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • IP Phones…
ShoreTel Call Quality View

Listing of Calls, Quality Status, Details for Calls and IP Path Trace

  • Listing of Calls
  • Quality Status…
ShoreTel Graph View

High Level Graphical Overview of 6 Areas

Call Volume, Call Quality, Bandwidth Utilization, Trunk Group Usage, Feature…

ShoreTel Topology View

See your entire system at a glance.

View Site, Site with Server, Voice Switch, Server, Trunk Group, Phones and WAN

ShoreTel Director

ShoreTel Director is a Web-based tool that provides a single management  interface for all voice applications, across all locations.


ShoreTel IP Telephony Architecture

ShoreTel IP Telephony Architecture

Why is ShoreTel so brilliantly simple? Discover why and how ShoreTel’s distributed…