Supercharge your Salesforce investment with an integrated, 360-degree view of all your sales, marketing and customer service communications.

Salesforce is the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application in the world because it puts the focus on customer sales and service, not administration. ShoreTel business phone systems share that same strategic vision: focus on the customer experience, and keep things brilliantly simple.

ShoreTel for Salesforce enables a single-source view of all your business communications and customer interactions. This tight integration unifies voice and customer data and enhances the functionality of both the phone and CRM applications. It’s easy to associate Salesforce records with any call, add comments to the user record, then transfer the call—with its associated data—to another agent. Users can create dashboards to track contacts, which can serve as an early indicator of sales, service or operational performance.

Improve your entire enterprise

Connect your unified communications system to your CRM and adoption of both applications increases.
Everyone can enable more effective collaboration, higher productivity and better business results.  Empower your people to excel:

Sales teams
The more calls you make the more sales you make. ShoreTel for Salesforce makes it one-click easy to call a lead, opportunity or customer. The application automatically logs the call as a sales activity and prompts the user to schedule a follow-up task or action, helping to drive the result--higher sales team productivity and faster time to close.

Road warriors
Work is no longer a place you go, it's a thing you do and road warriors spend more time on their mobile phones then at their desks.  ShoreTel for Salesforce removes the manual chore of logging calls, regardless of whether the call is placed at a desk or via mobile. Calls are automatically captured providing a complete view of all customer interactions.

Contact center agents
When a customer calls, a ShoreTel screen pop tells who is calling, and Salesforce tells why they‘re calling, shortening response times. When the call is transferred to a colleague, whether inside or outside the contact center, all of the customer’s Salesforce information travels with the call--so customers never have to repeat themselves again.

Call-throughs are tracked as easily as click-throughs when customers dial unique marketing numbers placed on ads. ShoreTel for Salesforce recognizes the number, associates the call with the appropriate campaign, and allows staff to track leads through closure for true marketing campaign ROI.

Actionable business intelligence helps managers manage better. Sales managers can tell if reps are making an appropriate number of calls and whether they are reaching voice mail or getting through to prospects; service managers can receive precise first-caller resolution reporting, by tracking calls and activities aligned to cases.

ShoreTel for Salesforce key features

  • Support for next-generation browser-based CTI for Salesforce on any device or OS
  • Browser-based user interface integrates with Salesforce environment
  • Single sign-on for contact center agents                           
  • Click-to-dial: start a call from within Salesforce anytime a phone number is available
  • Enhanced reporting including off-line activities and ShoreTel Mobility call tracking
  • Multi-modal contact recording: complete record of all call, voicemail and SMS activity allowing analytics and reporting of all communication interactions.
  • Voicemail transcription: VMs are transcribed into text and added to the matching contact record.
  • Fully synchronized with ShoreTel Communicator and ShoreTel Collaboration functionality, allowing activity entry points from both Communicator and the Salesforce Softphone call handler
  • Inbound screen pops: Inbound screen pops provide instant visibility of who is calling. Relevant contact information is displayed before the call is answered.
  • Real-time analytics: Measure representative and campaign success. Understand call quality, not just quantity.
  • Presence monitoring: know if a colleague is available to take a call prior to calling or transferring a customer call.
  • Workspace transfer: transfer the entire customer records and notes along with the phone call for an optimized customer service experience.
  • Workflow integration:  launch contextual call logs, follow up task and events from the CTI
  • Customizable screen page layouts and Salesforce Softphone displays for personal workflows
  • Automatic Note Taking: Post a call note when you click–to-dial.