ShoreTel's Outbound Campaign IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an all-software, virtual call center solution that automatically reaches out to clients or other stakeholders. Whether it is used for notifications, appointment reminders, surveys, or other pre-scripted contact, it is a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy tool for streamlining processes and building customer satisfaction.

Helps to build customer satisfaction
Connecting with your clients and stakeholders – be it for customer care and engagement, or to raise awareness – is key to building satisfaction. Outbound Campaign IVR makes it easy to reach large audiences.

Intuitive campaign construction
A powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface streamlines campaign construction. Dynamic XML scripting makes it easy to create appointment reminders or customer surveys.

Text-to-speech or pre-recorded prompts
Campaign messages can be delivered with Text-to-Speech synthesized voice, or with pre-recorded custom voice prompts.

Campaign scheduling and auto-run
Campaigns can be scheduled easily, and in advance, to start, stop, and resume automatically, at the desired time.

Real-time control and monitoring
Administrative users have full control of each campaign run with real-time call status displays and call logs.

Transfer option
Offers the built-in ability to connect customers to company personnel.

Integrates with existing desktop applications
Tight integration enables the streamlining of business operations. Customer data can be passed directly to applications including Call Center Adapter and ShoreTel EasyPop.

Distributed deployment
Outbound Campaign IVR Service(s) can be installed strategically on one or more ShoreTel servers to balance system resources, enabling maximum scalability and cost-efficiency. Administrative users can be installed on any machine to configure, run, and monitor campaigns.

Expertise to help you meet your goals
ShoreTel Professional Services are available to contract for innovative custom campaign designs and database connections