ShoreTel Emergency Notification provides crucial communications and safety benefits through automated alerting and real-time internal notification of emergency and code blue calls. The application’s bi-level alerting and built-in messaging helps mobilize internal resources to coordinate a response in emergency situations.

The Emergency Notification application integrates seamlessly into the ShoreTel unified communications solution, expanding native emergency number support. With capabilities that are ideally suited to campus environments such as schools and universities, medical institutions, retirement communities, and to virtually all office and manufacturing facilities, it features site-specific and code blue alerting as well as support for US and International emergency numbers.



Real-Time Notification and Communication
Generates real-time, audible desktop alerts & phone calls when an emergency or less urgent “code blue” call is detected.  Built-in broadcast text messaging facilitates instant communications for key company personnel.

Informative, Site-Specific Alerts
Both emergency and code blue alerts include physical location and ShoreTel site information in addition to the caller’s name and extension, critical for geographically-dispersed organizations to coordinate in-house first responses for emergent situations.

Multi-media Alerts
Individual users decide on alert types and specify originating sites for which they will receive notifications. Alerts replay until acknowledged.

Wide-Range of Coverage
Supports international and multiple external emergency numbers. Continuously monitors system trunks for emergency calls and also can be triggered by incoming code blue calls

Watchdog and Test Run Option
Automatic self-monitoring utility to ensure the health of the Emergency Notification service. Test run option to allow early validation of custom setup and configuration updates.

History File for Reviews
Creates integrated and comprehensive call logs of all ‘code blue’ and emergency call related activities.