he ShoreTel Call Recorder provides centrally managed audio call recording as defined in server based recording profiles.  This solution is designed to fit the needs of customers who require more than the ad hoc recording provided in the baseline system but less than the extensive 3rd party recording solutions.


Feature Highlights

  • Licensed by sessions (concurrent calls), not by user
  • Automatic recording of external calls continuing through call transfers and redirections
  • Persistent call recording captures ‘cradle to grave’ caller interactions including those with IVRs, Voicemail, Hunt Groups, Workgroups, and other extension types
  • User control of Save/No Save and Pause/Resume of call recording
  • Pause/Resume support allows agent to not record sensitive information (e.g. customer credit card number,) thereby facilitating PCI compliance
  • Web-based Recorder Player
  • Convenient searching, downloading, and management of recordings
  • Playback via phone or computer
  • Player URL access allows recording links to be embedded within web based applications including and Contact Center Interaction Viewer among others


  • This solution records audio only, not the desktop activity
  • This solution records trunk based calls only, not internal extension-to-extension calls
  • Recorded audio format is CCITT u‐Law 8.000 KHz, 8 Bit, Mono.  One minute of audio is 470K.   One hour of audio is 28 Megabytes.  Thirty five hours of audio is one Gigabyte.