ShoreTel's AMS 360 screen pop integration application (STAms360) provides a screen pop integration to Vertafore's AMS 360 office management system for independent insurance agencies.

The agency must also have the ability and credentials to use Vertafore's AMS 360 web service (contact Vertafore for more information on AMS 360 and enabling the web service component).

  • Screen Pop Integration to Vertafore AMS 360
  • AMS 360 is an office manage system for Independent Insurance Agencies
  • SHoreTel provides Caller ID based display of key customer information
  • Key information elements are hyperlinked functions:
  • Account Number: Trigger AMS 360 ti display customer record
  • Address: Triggers browser window to display map of mailing address
  • User configurable options for showing links to Active Policies and or Uncomleted Suspense Items
  • Color coding of text and background highlights customer type
  • Pop-up includes emdedded call control- Answer, Transfer with real-time note, Disconnect
  • Client software loaded on user desktop machines