The ShoreTel Active Directory Import Application allows customers to centralize and streamline management of the communication related data that they store in their Active Directory (AD) database. By automating both the initial creation of new ShoreTel records and the ongoing synchronization of data between the Microsoft AD and ShoreTel systems, IT groups can increase efficiency, accuracy, and service levels. The application is highly configurable, designed to easily accommodate customers’ specific AD organizations and data structures. Customers will benefit greatly from deploying this solution as a central component of their ongoing data management processes.

When a new user is added to the AD, the application can be configured to either create a new ShoreTel AD user or to create a ShoreTel System Directory entry so that ShoreTel users can easily dial this non-ShoreTel user from Communicator.
The application is installed on the ShoreTel Director (HQ) server and is run manually by a System Administrator or configured to run periodically by the Windows Task Scheduler.


  • Automates the creation of ShoreTel users when users are added to the Active Directory.
  • Enables migration from legacy systems (e.g., Microsoft OCS) to ShoreTel by creating ShoreTel System Directory entries for non-ShoreTel users so a complete corporate directory is available in  Communicator.
  • Keeps the ShoreTel System current with the Active Directory information.
  • Option to specify an LDAP path to support multiple AD Forests.
  • Optional LDAP filter to select which AD users are synchronized with the ShoreTel system.
  • Options to change (or disable) mappings between LDAP properties and the System Directory fields.
  • Options to save users DID and extension numbers in the AD.
  • Provides a “test” mode option to view changes which would be made to the ShoreTel system based on the current application configuration. This is useful for debugging LDAP filters and LDAP property  mappings before changes are made to the ShoreTel database.
  • Creates a Windows Event Log entry listing ShoreTel AD users which where not found by the LDAP search.
  • Creates a Windows Event Log entry summarizing the results of the import.