ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime enhances Sametime Connect by making it easy to work with voice calls from your desktop. It provides features that are commonly available from your telephone and additional features that enable advanced communications.

Features to work with voice mail within Sametime Connect are also provided by ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime. This includes information on your voice messages and the ability to listen and reply to,create, and manage voice mails.

ShoreTel’s Communicator for IBM Sametime provides a rich set of fully integrated features for users of IBM’s Sametime.

Remote Call Control
Users of Communicator for Sametime can manage incoming calls with a variety of specific call handling modes which can be set both manually or based on the integration with your Lotus Notes calendar. Users may also initiate calls through their primary desktop telephone, their Softphone or through assigning their extension to another phone all together.
Making calls within the Sametime are enabled via the History tab, search bar, chat windows, contacts within business cards and via email.

Unified Messaging
ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime provides the ability to create new voice mail, reply to voice mail, and also delete and save existing voice mail.

Telephony Presence
Telephony presence is integrated within the Sametime user interface allowing users to know when their colleagues are available. If a colleague isn’t currently available, the user can be notified when a they become available for phone calls.