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VoIP Reliability - Risk Management - Enterprise Security

Redundancy and Business Continuity
As a managed, hosted VoIP solution, ShoreTel understands that businesses of all sizes demand enterprise-class data integrity, application reliability and physical safeguards. The ShoreTel goal of eliminating all single points of failure is the reason for our investment in several levels of redundancy to maximize up-time for your business. You deserve the most reliable VoIP service. Period.
To do this ShoreTel uses:

  • A range of Tier1 voice and data providers, affording significant redundancy and enhanced call completion and data connectivity capabilities
  • Daily off-site backup of customer configuration data
  • Connectivity with individual telephone and data carriers that spans multiple locations. If connectivity to one location is lost, calls will be rerouted to another location
  • Our own IP 400 phones, which take the guesswork out of software upgrades and carry assurance of support, removing the risk involved when using third-party devices
  • System and server virtualization to quickly restore to new hardware in the event of a failure
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is utilized for customer connectivity, delivering an efficient and scalable network
  • A multidisciplinary team of ShoreTel engineers and operations professionals to review our threat assessment and disaster recovery protocols


Mother nature can take her best shot. We’ve still got you covered

Disaster recovery and business continuity are taken very seriously at ShoreTel. Our belief is that no two businesses are alike so we will work with your organization to create a custom DR/BC plan for your organization that is designed specifically around your business needs.

Network Architecture
The ShoreTel Sky UCaaS system consists of multiple components: the network, the softswitch clusters, the carriers and databases. To ensure that we meet the high level of availability that our customers require, we continually improve our network with the most advanced routers and switches available, we develop our own softswitch and connect with over 8 PSTN carriers. Our network architecture is designed so our core and distribution routers are redundant and have no single point of failure.

In the event that any device in the network fails, a secondary device is readily available and configured to take over and reroute traffic where needed. Our system consists of multiple clusters and each cluster is configured with a standby server which can take over in the event that the primary Call Manager experiences any issues.

Customer information is stored in a shared database and that database is replicated to additional data centers. Our data centers are connected to multiple PSTN carriers and in the event that one carrier is having issues, we are able to quickly reroute the customers’ calls to another carrier.

Geographic Diversity
ShoreTel Sky utilizes state-of-the-art co-location data center facilities in New York and Chicago.  In the unlikely event that a man made or natural disaster prevents a data center in one location from operating, the backup location will be called into use to restore core services and minimize any downtime for our clients.

Having this VoIP infrastructure ready and available in a different part of the country provides the customer stability and confidence of continued operations in the face of severe events such as widespread blackouts, hurricanes, terrorism, and regional carrier outages.  The geographic redundancy components of the network include voice carriers, Internet service providers, ShoreTel Sky Call Conductor, ShoreTel Sky Contact Center, the databases, access networks and other applications.

ShoreTel Sky utilizes industry best practices to assure that our network is well protected against known threats. To assure that our systems are protected from attackers, we deploy the best breed of firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems. These measures provide protection against SYN, TCP Flooding, and other types of DDoS attacks.  Our external facing devices are tightly monitored and maintained in order to stay a step ahead of hacking threats.

ShoreTel Sky voice architecture includes Session Border Controller (SBC).  SBC’s enforce security, quality of service, and admission control mechanism over the VoIP sessions.  SBC’s provide firewall services to protect the IP Phone from possible attacks, acts as a gatekeeper, and functions as point of demarcation between our upstream PSTN peering service provider networks.

ShoreTel is subject to numerous State and Federal Information Security and Privacy laws and regulations, which if not complied with, could potentially result in fines, audits, loss of member confidence, and direct financial impacts to the company. Compliance with all applicable regulations is the responsibility of every employee at ShoreTel.

ShoreTel Sky’s business-quality VoIP service helps to protect customers by providing:

  • A fully managed network architecture featuring virtually segmented voice and data networks, user authentication, and access control lists
  • Specialized equipment such as firewalls and Session Border Controllers
  • 24×7 toll fraud monitoring

While security can never be completely guaranteed, ShoreTel Sky customers can be assured that ShoreTel Sky has implemented a variety of strategies to help keep the ShoreTel Sky VoIP network secure.

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