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Retaining your Millennial Employees

Retaining your Millennial Employees: Try UC B4 it's 2Late

The Millennial generation is rapidly becoming a valuable segment of the modern business workforce. The Millennials—people aged 21 to 34—are the largest generation in American history, almost three times the size of Generation X. According to a Pew Research Center report, Millennials are highly educated, self-confident and ambitious.

Most importantly, they are more mobile and tech savvy than any previous generation. Millennials are also more likely to view technology in a positive light and count on it to be productive. They are frequent users of social media for communicating and research, and they produce millions of posts on social media per minute. However, research from Alsop shows that Millennials have a strong desire for a fulfilling job, which leads them to be frequent job-hoppers. In fact, a Fidelity report revealed that younger workers stayed with their employer a median of only three years.

Keeping Millennials Happy

When it comes to the technology they need to work, Millennials can be demanding. To help these employees be as productive as possible, you need a modern business phone system that keeps young workers engaged.

One smart option is to provide a business phone system that allows Millennials to use a variety of communication channels and move seamlessly from voice to email to conferencing. These systems offer unified communications capabilities, including:

  • Built-in multimedia tools. With the touch of a button, employees can turn a simple phone call into a multimedia discussion session. Millennials are accustomed to communicating quickly and collaborating instantly, so having multimedia tools available in the business phone environment is critical.
  • Tight integration with email and calendar. Because the ShoreTel business phone system is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Millennials can transform a calendar appointment into a full collaboration experience with both internal and external co-workers and/or customers. Your Millennials will stay productive if they have the ability to send a voicemail message via email and easily retrieve voicemail without leaving Outlook.
  • Collaboration tools. Millennials grew up communicating with FaceTime and Skype vs. voice-only calling. So at work they expect to use the latest collaboration tools, such as video conferencing with room-based systems, peer-to-peer video and web conferencing. These are now a must-have for your younger employees.
  • CRM integration. Millennials (as well as your entire team) need instant access to CRM tools and directories. Having phone data aligned with business data in the CRM system can yield higher overall sales productivity.
  • Instant messaging. As a generation that uses Likes, Tweets and hashtags to gain immediate attention, Millennials expect instant gratification and answers. Providing instant messaging and chat tools between employees needs to be an important cornerstone of your business phone system.

Don’t let your Millennials twitter away to a new job because you haven’t updated your aging phone system.

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