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Healthcare and ShoreTel Sky

Healthcare Communications with a Focus on Positive Patient Engagement

ShoreTel Sky Phone Systems for Hospitals, Medical Offices and Extended Care Facilities

Patients today have many choices of healthcare providers, and they have high expectations of their patient experience. How can your facility or practice stay competitive within this new patient-centered healthcare landscape? When quality of care and patient satisfaction are at stake, healthcare providers can’t afford missed communications. ShoreTel Sky delivers precision tools for clinical transformation. From hospital phone systems that unify workers in multiple locations, to personalized automated appointment reminders for medical offices, to contact centers that handle resident relations in extended care networks—our healthcare phone systems make positive patient engagement possible.

  • Optimize patient support services – A unified communications phone system can centralize patient appointment management, billing support, satisfaction surveys, test result delivery and more.
  • Streamline overall patient engagement – A healthcare communications system with built-in call center and automated features can eliminate redundant or inefficient workflows and improve your clinic’s line.
  • Enable staff mobility -  Improve your access to staff members who alternate their time at multiple offices, clinics and hospitals, and reduce patient response times
  • Enhance your patient web portal -  Improve patient engagement survey scores by adding a “call me now” feature—patients receive assistance when it is most convenient for them

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