• Awarded Toshiba’s Recognition Award for 20 Years of OUTSTANDING SALES AND SERVICE to its customers in 2001
  • Awarded Sprint’s Highest Achievement Award for Exceptional Sales Volume as the 4th Largest Dealer in the U.S 
  • Awarded Inter-Tel’s Highest Dealership Level: Platinum Level 
  • Awarded Oaisys Outstanding Achievement 
  • Awarded ShoreTel Premier Platinum Partner

     2000 to 2003 was a big year for BTS.  With technology changing rapidly, BTS began rigorously testing the new Voice Over IP phones systems various manufactures were beginning to introduce.  After 3 years of testing over a dozen different VoIP phone systems, we determined ShoreTel had the best foundation and Support available.  ShoreTel has proven over the years to be a leader in the VOIP industry with its reliability, ease of use, and flexibility to grow with the customer through the years.  Most of our customers' that BTS installed in the early 2003 to 2005 are still using their ShoreTel System today and are able to utilize all the great features new ShoreTel users are using now. 

     This new technology also created a new approach to maintaining phones systems.  BTS went from a Service Company to a Support Company, almost overnight.  The technology allowed us to fully manage a phone system from virtually anywhere at any time across multiple locations with ease; changing the entire way we did business.